As an artist, a visionary, and fellow spirit, I aspire to show what lies beyond our common everyday experiences to help awaken the visual audience to connect with their higher self. I love to portray a sacred and magical place for people to experience. My imagery comes from dreaming, healing and psychedelic themes. Through a meditative state, the images reveal themselves from the depth of my spirit, and I allow the art to create itself. It is an intuitive process. These images arise through my quest for a deeper knowledge of life and life’s possibilities. You will find feminine symbols and sacred geometry throughout my work.

I draw inspiration from music, spirituality, my roots, the beauty of the human form, the many facets of being a woman, and the movement the world is taking toward enlightenment. I like to weave threads from my Hebrew ancestry with those of others, where cultures collaborate. This is the duty of our time, to find a connection. We all share similar visions and it can be seen in ancient symbols throughout the world. No one owns them, we share them, it is the collective mind we are all part of.